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Use of Temporary Structures During Flood Reconstruction

Understanding the need to respond to the flood event, the MCIA Board of Directors has voted to allow the temporary use of mobile/motor homes, trailers, and temporary storage units according to the following guidelines:

  • The lot being used must have a home under repair for flood damage.
  • The temporary home/storage unit must be place on the driveway of the home and not in the street (exceptions may be made on a case by case basis).
  • If the mobile home is to tie into the city’s sewer system, it must be done per permit.

Mobile/Motor Homes:  Allowed on lots affected by flooding and under repair until December 31st, 2017.

Temporary Storage Units: Allowed on lots affected by flooding through March 31st, 2018.


Application Fees Waived

Effective immediately, the MCIA Board has waived all construction application fees through March 31, 2018


Kolter Update

HISD announced Thursday, Aug. 31, that HISD staff will return to schools to begin work on Tuesday, September 5th. Teachers will return for a work day on Friday, September 8. The first day of school for all students has been set for Monday, September 11.

There has been NO OFFICIAL word from HISD regarding the specific status of Kolter Elementary or its start date. The message below is an excerpt from what was shared from the Kolter Principal on Friday, Sept 1 (before 9:20am). 

Happy Friday, Kolter family! 

As we head into our first post Harvey weekend, I have a couple of quick updates: 

Uniforms and Meals: 

Students will not be required to dress in school uniforma attire during this first semested. We will revisit the uniform topic in January. All HISD students will be provided three, free meals a day for the coming year. More information around Houston's ISD meal plan can be found on the HISD website. 

Back to School (this is important):

As stated by the distric yesterday, all students are to return to school Monday, September 11. As of right now, right this minute, I have heard nothing about our campus being moved elsewhere or our students being split among campuses that have availability. Since I have heard NOTHING about that, I would advise that we move forward with that mindset. I had said over and over this week that my goal is to have our family back together, on our campus, for this school year. It remains my goal and priority going forward. The building did have significant impacts, but there has been a team of 50+ people there drying it out, cleaning it our and getting ready for our return. I have also promised that when and it information changes, gets updated or is of immediate significance, I will tell you. As I return to work this coming Monday, myself and my leadership team will be moving forwad with this above plan in place. 

Continued love and strength to all of you, 

Julie Dickinson, Principal


Also note that TEA has offered a waiver of all missed school days through September 1. Any additional missed days are evaluated on a per district basis. This means that HISD must apply for the waiver and these days will not need to be made up during the school year. 


Need help? Offer help? Contact Us!

The outpouring of support from our community has been nothing short of inspirational.  In an effort to further support Meyerlanders, we have set up an email address for you to either request or offer assistance.  We have a team of volunteers ready to coordinate resources and information to our lot owners.

Should you be in need of, or willing to offer help please reach out to us at either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the office at 713-729-2167.

If you have not already done so, it is important that you both file insurance claims and register for FEMA assistance. You can register for FEMA at


Message from Precinct 5

First and foremost I hope you and your families are safe. I wanted to give all of you a briefing of what we have been doing and what our plans are for the near future. Constable Ted Heap has used every resource available to first ensure the safety of the people in which we serve.  We have done over 900 high water rescues and unfortunately that number will increase. Right now all of our contract patrol personnel are back in cars to run calls and protect property. All other divisions are still being utilized for high water rescues. As soon as we can, all our sworn personnel will be used to protect your property. We have been keeping a log of flooded streets and sections so we know what homes are more likely to be unoccupied.  At this time all sworn personnel are on extended shifts with no days off. Please contact our dispatch at 281-463-6666 for anything we can do to help. Do not do business with any door to door renovation companies. Only use reputable companies.

On a final note, our officers have been here every day and some have not been home since the weather event started. Many of them suffered damage to their own homes and a few lost everything, but they all are still here to uphold the oath they took as a police officer. We ask you to keep them as well as all affected by these floods in your prayers.

-- Lieutenant Mitch Hutter

Recovery from Hurricane Harvey - Important Steps

Below you will find important steps to take post flood as well as phone numbers that may help as you rebuild. 

  • Consult with a licensed electrician regarding electricity in your home. 
  • You must take pictures of the damage to your home. Remember to photograph everything, including serial numbers.
  • Contact your insurance company (Flood, Homeowners, Auto) and the City of Houston to inform them of flooding.
  • Contact FEMA. There are several programs available to Harvey survivors. 
  • The city has begin the trash cleanup process for our neighborhood. Remove all items damaged by water. This includes wood floors, carpets, baseboards, sheetrock (remove 18 inches above the water mark) and any furniture touched by the water. Mold can set into the wet materials within 48 hours.  If space allots, place all belongings which you wish to keep in the backyard.  All remediation debris and trash should be placed between the sidewalk and the street so that the solid waste department can reach it for pick up.  The solid waste department requests that debris is separated into 3 piles for pickup: heavy/junk, electronics, and tree debris. Hazardous waste such as paint and other chemicals will not be picked up and should be taken to the Environmental Service Center at 11500 S. Post Oak Rd. Houston, TX 77035
  • There will be increased mosquitos as well as wildlife attracted to the debris. Please make sure to get plenty of repellant. 


Below are numbers which you may find helpful.  This list is not exhaustive, but rather those who have been seen in and around the association in the past.

Assisting Agencies:

NACC Disaster Services 832-626-7111   

FEMA    800-621-3362                    

Precinct 5   281-463-6666                              

American Red Cross  713-526-8300                    

City of Houston 3-1-1                     

Houston Food Bank  832-369-9390

Jewish Family Services   713 667-9336 -

For those with anxiety contact Jewish Family Services at 713-364-5021


The MCIA office is currently open and resuming operations. At this time the office staff is unable to reach the office. We are fortunate that we have board member volunteers available to answer the phones and assist as best as possible.  Please be patient as we work to provide you answers and information regarding available resources as quickly as possible. Office staff can be reached by email and will get back to you as soon as possible.


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