Meyerland Community Improvement Association
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  Phone  713-729-2167

Trash Collection

Weekly trash collection is provided by the City of Houston.  For a complete list of schedules and dates, you can visit the City of Houston website.

Trash (black bins) are collected every Tuesday.  You may put out your bins on the evening before collection after 6pm and plan to remove them by 10pm on the day of collection.

Recycling (green bins) is collected on every other Tuesday.  The recycling schedule for Meyerland can be found on our calendar.

The City also provides large waste collection every month on the 2nd Wednesday of the month on the following schedule.
       Junk Waste is collected in even numbered months. (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec)
       Tree waste is collected in odd numbered months (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sept, Nov)

For guidelines regarding heavy waste collection, visit the City of Houston heavy trash website.

City managed recycling centers are located around Houston to collect hazardous items that will not be collected in the regular pick up.  For additional information on the items that they will accept, please visit the City of Houston recyclying website.