Meyerland Community Improvement Association
4999 W. Bellfort
Houston, TX  77035
  Phone  713-729-2167

Home Improvements

What is the RCC (Review and Control Committee)?

The RCC is a volunteer committee comprised of Board members and their designated representatives. They review applications for exterior improvements or construction for compliance with the Deed Restrictions for all properties located in Section 1.

Why is approval for construction needed from Meyerland when the City of Houston has already approved the work?

The Meyerland Architectural Control Committee reviews all proposed construction for compliance with the deed restrictions.  The City of Houston reviews all construction for compliance with local ordinances and building standards.  In many cases, the Meyerland deed restrictions are stricter than requirements of the City.

A construction permit from the City of Houston does not guarantee that your proposed construction is compliant with deed restrictions and will be approved. 

What if I make changes to my property without the approval of the MCIA?

Everyone must seek MCIA approval in writing before making external changes to your property.  If you make changes without MCIA approval, your investment could be at risk.  Additionally, if your modifications are outside the guidelines of the MCIA, you may be required to remove or reverse your improvement.

What are the rules for installing a backyard playground?

The structure should be located according to building setback lines

Do I need to have landscape changes approved?

Only significant changes made to the yard that are visible to the street, or that include hardscape or water features, require approval.

Do I need MCIA approval to do interior construction (kitchen remodel, new flooring, etc)?

No.  However, if you will have a construction dumpster or portable toilet on your property, please notify the MCIA office.  There are guidelines for these items. 

What types of changes need the approval of the MCIA?

ALL exterior work requires approval in advance of starting the project.  If you are unsure if your project needs approval, please contact the MCIA office.  A few examples of changes that must be approved include painting a home (even if it is the same color), adding a patio, repairing a driveway or sidewalk, installing a fence or iron gate, replacing or installing windows, replacing or repairing a roof, addition to a home, changing a garage to living space, building a storage shed in the backyard, installing a natural gas generator, building a new pool or replastering an existing one.  Most all exterior work on your home requires approval.  If you have a doubt, please call the MCIA office at 713-729-2167 to verify.

How do I submit a home improvement project to the MCIA?

Submit the Construction Application to the MCIA office along with the appropriate fee, depending on your project, and 2 copies of the required documentation.  A list of required documentation for common projects, and a schedule of fees is available on the website.

What is the MACC (Meyerland Architectural Control Commitee)?

The MACC is a volunteer committee composed of Meyerland residents.  They review applications for exterior improvements or construction for compliance with the Deed Restrictions for properties located in Sections 2 - 10.

Why do I need approval to paint my house the same color?

Just because a home was previously painted a certain color, does not mean that color was approved at the time it was done and it is also possible that paint colors that may have been considered appropriate in the past are no longer.  To insure consistent enforcement of the deed restrictions, painting of your home -even if it is being painted the same color - does require MACC approval.