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Application Process

All exterior changes in Meyerland require approval before they begin.  There are two committees that review applications for these changes.

If your property is in Section 1, the Review and Control Committee (RCC) reviews all applications for compliance with the Meyerland Community Improvement Association policies and deed restrictions. Read more about the RCC, the application and appeal process.

If your property is in any other Section of Meyerland, the Meyerland Architectural Control Committee reviews all applications for compliance with the deed restrictions. Read on to learn more about the MACC, the application process and appeals.

Meyerland Architectural Control Committee

The Meyerland Architectural Control Committee (MACC), has the exclusive authority and responsibility to interpret and to approve or disapprove the plans and/or specifications for creation, erection, installation, modification, alteration and/or relocation, of any and all Structures on all lots in Meyerland, except properties located in Section 1. The MACC is a separately founded organization from MCIA. The Committee is presently composed of volunteer members who are residents of Meyerland.

The MACC has the right to specify a limited number of acceptable exterior materials, colors and/or finishes that may be used in the construction, alteration, maintenance or repair of any structure. Where not otherwise specified in the restrictions, the MACC also has the right to specify requirements for each lot, as follows: minimum set backs; driveway access to adjacent streets; the location, height and extent of fences, walls and other screening devices and orientation of structures with respect to streets, walks and structures on adjacent property.

The MACC has full power and authority to reject any construction plans and specifications which do not comply with the restrictions, fail to meet the Committee's minimum construction or architectural design requirements and/or that are not compatible with the overall character and aesthetics of Meyerland.

Please see your applicable Deed Restrictions for a full description of the MACC.

The application process for the MACC and the RCC are the same with a few noted differences.

The appeals process does differ depending on which Committee reviewed and ruled upon the original application.

Review and Control Committee

The Review and Control Committee (RCC) is a standing committee of the MCIA Board that serves as the review committee for properties located in Section 1. Membership of the RCC are members of the MCIA Board or appointed representatives. Appointees may be Meyerland property owners or other representatives defined by the Board. Any property owner may apply for a future position by filing an application with the Board. Members serve on the board at the sole discretion of the Board.

The RCC powers are specified by the Deed Restrictions for the Sections that they govern. For a full description of RCC you can print a copy of the established General Protocol & Procedures and the Section 1 Deed Restrictions.

The application process for the MACC and the RCC are the same with a few noted differences.

The appeals process does differ depending on which Committee reviewed and ruled upon the original application.

Application Process

Prior to beginning any exterior project, the proper Application must be submitted to the MCIA for approval. There are an established a list of requirements for applications dependent on the type of project undertaken. Applications and submission requirements can be found on the Meyerland website or from the MCIA office.

All Applications and supporting materials must be submitted in hard copy only (no electronic submissions are permitted at this time, unless specifically requested) along with the appropriate processing fee to the MCIA Office.

The Deed Restrictions permit 90 days for the MACC (45 days for the RCC) to review and respond to an Application. Applications DO NOT take this long to receive a response, however you should allow sufficient time for members of the committee to review an application prior to scheduling your project to begin. Many simple projects, such as painting, sidewalk replacement, fences, roof replacement and minor landscaping, can be reviewed for immediate approval, provided that they are compliant with the deed restrictions.  Simple projects that require review can often be returned within 7-10 days, but more complicated projects (renovations and new homes) should plan for up to 30 days for a response. Written approval is required prior to beginning any project.

Once applications are reviewed, the homeowner will be notified of the decisions in writing, via US Mail.

Appeals Process (MACC)

In the event that a property owner’s Construction Application was not approved, the owner may request reconsideration from the MACC within 30 days of receiving the MACC decision. All appeals are handled by the members of the MACC. The MCIA Board of Director’s does not hear appeals of the MACC rulings.

Property owners must submit their request in writing and include the following:

  • Copy of all documentation that was part of the original application, including a copy of the denied application.
  • Provide a written statement and any additional information that demonstrates how your application is consistent with the deed restrictions.

The appeal will be considered in the same manner as the original request to be in compliance with the deed restrictions. The members have 30 days to review an appeal. The original ruling on the application will stand unless specifically overturned. A decision will be rendered by all members of the MACC by majority vote and this decision will be final. The property owner will be notified in writing of the final decision, via US Mail.

Appeals Process (RCC)

If a property owner has had their application rejected by the RCC, the Lot Owner has the right to appeal the decision to the Board by written notice within 30 days after receiving notice of their denial. Lot Owners must complete the Written Notice of Appeal to the MCIA Board and provide all requested information and required documentation.

Whether or when an appeal will be heard is at the sole discretion of the Board. Any appeal not ruled on by the Board shall be deemed as the appeal being denied and all decisions by the RCC shall stand.