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History of Meyerland

Three generations of the Meyer family were instrumental in the development of Meyerland. Joseph F. Meyer was only five years old when his family came to Houston soon after the Civil War. During the Nineties Mr. Meyer started buying land in the southwest area of Houston until he accumulated 6,000 acres. One of his sons, George, decided to develop the 1,200 acres that we call Meyerland. In the spring of 1955 the former rice fields became a subdivision for single-family dwellings. Vice President Richard Nixon cut the ribbon for the grand opening that featured a Parade of Homes in the 5100 block of Jackwood. Development was done in stages and each new section was given a number and set of deed restrictions.

From 1955 until 1958, the Meyerland bus took elementary school children to Horn Elementary School in Bellaire, Texas. In September 1958, Lovett Elementary School opened. Kolter Elementary School opened in 1960. Johnston Junior High was opened in 1959. The bus operated in the neighborhood, picking up passengers and taking them to meet the city buses, until it succumbed to old age and the city busses came out to Meyerland. Herod Elementary School opened at the edge of Section 10 in 1961. Bellaire High School opened in 1955 and was remodeled in 1992-1993.

Meyerland Plaza Shopping Center opened in October of 1957 with a celebration of "Around the Shopping World in 80 Acres." There was a hot air balloon that took riders to the Shamrock Hotel. The Meyerland State Bank opened in the Center. A year later, in August the bank moved to the new building on the comer of Endicott and Beechnut. This bank is now the Compass Bank. Leota Meyer Hess,daughter of George Meyer, managed the shopping center from the late 1950’s to 1994.

The third generation of the Meyer family sold the Meyerland Plaza Shopping Center on January 9, 1984. The Center was purchased again in 1993 and was remodeled by Ed Wulfe in 1994. It was sold to Ronus Properties in 1998.

There were several years of Medallion Showcases of Homes in Meyerland. Look magazine devoted four pages to Meyerland in 1957. House and Home magazine covered the area as the "ideal plan" for a subdivision in 1958.

In 1957 Meyerland organized Little League baseball. They played in Meyerland Park. Garden clubs abounded in the early years when everyone had a bare lot and struggling flowers. Eight garden clubs helped beautify Meyerland. By 1958, the Meyerland Teen club and Meyerland Civic club were thriving. The Meyerland Club opened formally on May 24, 1958. This club became a popular place for families and before long the strong swim team carried the name of Meyerland near and far. The Meyerland Club closed in 1996 and was sold to the Jewish Community Center the same year. The club has been redeveloped into The Merfish Teen Center.

Today there are 2,309 homesites in Meyerland. The property continues to increase in value and the name Meyerland is one that brings to mind a beautiful residential neighborhood with strong restrictions. New and younger families are moving in. Many are second and third generation Meyerlanders who knew what they liked a long time ago and are moving back. Many older homes are now being razed and new, larger homes are being built.