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NEW MCIA Fee Policy

This following fee policy was approved by the MCIA Board of Directors on February 13, 2017. Effective May 1st, 2017 MCIA will reinstate architectural fees and institute changes to some of our existing fees. 

This fee policy becomes effective May 1st and supersedes any prior policy or part of a prior policy that relates to the same matter.

Property Related Fees

Interest Fees for Delinquent Accounts

Maintenance fees assessed per annum (in DRs) - 10% per annum of delinquent 

Title Transfer Fee - $200

Refinance Fee - $100

Resale Certificate Fee - $250

Construction Related Fees:  (construction related fees have been waived through March 31, 2018)

New Construction Fee - $1,000

Limited to construction of a new residence

Major Renovation Fee - $500

Generally includes - major addition/change to a major structure, including but not limited to, addition to house/garage, garage conversion, &/or swimming pool. Shall not include routine maintenance, including new doors, windows, fence, driveway, or roof.

Administrative and Legal Fees:

Document Duplication Fee - As allowable by law

Recovery Fee (Letter for past due Assessments) - $25

Property Code or Deed Restriction Violation Notification Fee - $50

This fee is limited to those letters commonly known as "209 letters".

This fee shall not apply to initial or follow up violation notices prior to a "209" letter.

Forced Yard Maintenance Fee - Greater of actual costs or $85 (minimum)

Legal Fees - Reasonable and necessary Attorney and Legal Fees

Returned Check Fee - $25