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Debris pickup Continues

The City of Houston has issued a press release extending storm debris pickup. Meyerland will continue with normal compliance notification regarding heavy trash at the curb upon completion of storm debris pickup. Until then, we ask residents to continue moving their debris curbside for collection as quickly as possible.

Please follow these guidelines when placing debris curbside for collection:

  • Move debris piles curbside not in your backyard, inside your home, front porch, driveway or outside of the pickup area in the front yard.
  • Try to keep the debris piles located between the curb and sidewalk and away from trees, utility lines, and fire hydrants.
  • Keep the public walkways as clear as possible.
  • Report your debris pile to 311 for pickup.

Please see the press release below for more information.

Houston, Texas, December 14, 2017: The holiday season is here and we at the Solid Waste Management Department are working hard to help make this a happy one and give residents a fresh start for 2018. We ask residents to continue moving their debris curbside for collection as quickly as possible. Place all storm-related debris out on the curb for collection, regardless of the size of the pile. Do not keep your piles in your backyard or inside your home. This action could lead to personal health problems on your property.

What can be placed on the curb:

  • Material from leaking roofs or damaged outdoor property improvements such as furniture, carpet, or perimeter fencing.
  • Construction & Demolition – building materials, carpet, drywall, furniture
  • Green waste generated by fallen/broken trees or vegetation

Make a positive impact and lend a helping hand to your neighbors. If you cannot assist your neighbors yourself, please utilize the resources listed below for assistance: